50 Best Online MSW Programs No GRE

 Don’t want to take the GRE? Explore 50 Accredited Online MSW Programs no GRE required! Accelerated 8-week online classes are available.

A Master of Social Work (MSW) can help you head into advanced programs where you are challenged in clinical and agency settings to help communities, individuals, and special groups.

Traditional or online social work degrees typically take 1-2 years to complete, and once finished, graduates often go on to become social workers, counselors, clinical workers, or therapists.

And there’s good news! A growing number of colleges have no GRE requirement for their Master’s Programs.

Students who take MSW programs typically focus on their specialization in the second year, allowing graduates to choose a track that can help elevate their experience in the field.

Whether you want to work with underprivileged communities, children, families, mental health facilities, or older senior adults, these social work programs are designed to hone your ability to understand human behavior and come up with solutions.

Online MSW Programs Without GRE Requirements

There are a few different MSW concentrations available in the field today. For students who want to get into a career right away, there are a few that stand out from the rest. Here are the most popular concentrations for social work students.

Each of these specializations can help prepare you for a slightly different professional career.

Children, Youth, and Families

Much of the work that social workers due in this field comes down to experience and counseling. You’ll need to understand at-risk factors for children and youth and how problems can be prevented through financial and healthcare assistance.

This specialization can help you learn how to recognize and respond to abuse situations as well as how to offer families assistance through such a situation. Your courses can help you learn how to ensure and prioritize the safety of children and also determine if and how family units can move forward. This program also focuses on how to communicate with and counsel children and teens.

Community Mental Health

Mental health is one of the major reasons that social work offices exist today. When someone is in need of care but can’t receive it for mentally debilitating problems, social workers can help them find relief. It’s especially important for individuals and families who are at risk of becoming homeless or who are living below the poverty line.

You may be the resource and case manager to help individuals and families connect with the services they need.

You might work in public administration, for a government agency, the court system, a non-profit organization, or even a medical facility as a resource coordinator. If you want to ensure that people have access to the help they need, consider this educational path.

Direct Practice in Aging Services

The elderly are susceptible to all kinds of problems as they grow older. It’s possible that they won’t know how to use technology or understand what services are available to them, such as health services, counseling, or financial assistance. Social workers can help alleviate these problems or spot abuse in nursing home facilities.

If you want to become a direct care social worker, you don’t need to become a licensed clinical social worker. In fact, you can enter this field with just your bachelor’s in social work. You won’t have as varied work opportunities but you may begin your career as a healthcare services social worker or case manager for the elderly.

Health Services

The majority of social workers assist with health services so that people can get aid when they need it. Whether that means finding free clinics or providing counseling services for families, social workers in health services or human services do a lot of work with families and children to prevent illnesses from getting worse due to not having the right treatment.

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